West Creek Area Master Plan - Skagway Alaska

April 10 - 2nd P&Z Hearing
April 17 - Assembly 1st Hearing
May 1 - Assembly 2nd Hearing and Adoption

April 17 - West Creek Master Plan - Assembly Public Hearing Draft (6 MB)

Skagway is about to receive title from the State to just over 3,000 acres of municipal entitlement lands in the West Creek area.

The Planning Commission is working to prepare a West Creek Area Master Plan for the area.  When done, it will be an addendum to Skagway’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan. 

Among other things, the Master Plan’s: 1) policies will be the basis for land management in the area, 2) there will be a priority list of improvements, and 3) it will recommend development rules.

West Creek Community Opinion Survey

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